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Dream Affairs Singles Tours And Beautiful Foreign Women

I want to share a true personal story with you to help those of you who only write letters. Several years ago I was a client on one of my first trips to the Ukraine. I just booked the tour and did not write any letters. I had a great time at the socials and dating using the AFA offices.

On one afternoon I was in Nikolayev without any plans. I was viewing loveme.com and searching for someone to meet. As always, at the top of the screen were very attractive “banner girls”. One caught my attention. I discovered that she was from that town. I pointed her out to one of the helpful assistants and to my surprise she said that she knew her! I asked if she would call and see it she would like to meet. To my surprise, she said yes.

Here is the lesson for you. I discovered that she was a pharmacist and worked long hours. I then asked if she received many letters since she was so attractive. She said that she received so many that it was impossible to respond! I asked how long she had been on the site. Her response was three years!

Here is the surprising exchange. I asked how many men she had met. She said I was the second! What is the lesson? Meeting in person is several hundred times more valuable than extensive letter writing. Had I written to this girl she probably would not be able to respond as my letter would be one of many. However, because I was in town, my invitation was most welcome.

So, plan to visit the country of your choice and vastly increase your chances. Very few do.

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Five Points To Success With Foreign Women

Be sure to match your age to the many ladies you will have the opportunity to meet abroad. There will be very attractive women under the age of 25 that will be happy to have a nice meal or even go shopping. However, a woman this young has very little life experience.

It is my experience that a woman who is 21 and a domestic woman of the same age are not that different. As the song says "Girls just want to have fun". You are very serious in your search for a life partner. Have fun if you wish, but please understand if she is not in your generation and you are older than her parents, the odds are not in your favor. A difference of 15 years can work. There are exceptions of course, but they are exceptional.

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