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A Foreign Affair Singles Tours - The Real Deal by Bob Wray A Foreign Affair Romance Tours

We are very fortunate that A Foreign Affair provides us with 45,000 profiles of beautiful women all over the world. AFA and its affiliates are very careful to vet these for your protection. Let’s talk about this.

I have been lucky to meet hundreds of the ladies while leading tours. I can assure you that “what you see is what you get”. It is very rare that a woman does not look like her profile. However, there is something you have to understand.

For the most part, the ladies are free to provide their photos personally. Of course they want to put their best foot forward (so should you in your AFA profile.) Often they will hire a professional or a talented friend. On rare occasions they will use Photoshop to enhance their image.

As men, we are very visual. Often we will not pay attention to the important details in the profile in favor of the beautiful images we can enjoy. By the way the ladies are also free to provide most of the details in their profile.

Some tips. What do you seek as a life partner? Hopefully you have thought carefully about this. In all likelihood you are looking for an age appropriate “girl next door” who will love you for yourself and remain faithful for the rest of your life.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with viewing and enjoying the many beautiful profiles AFA offers. Please understand something. The more beautiful the lady is, the more attention she will receive. She may get hundreds of letters. This is only natural.

Look carefully at the photos. What do they tell you about the lady? Is she sitting on a motorcycle in a bikini? Are most of her poses on a bed in a brief negligee? (AFA will not allow any form of nudity) Is she all made up like a super model? Is she posed at an exotic location?

On the other hand, are her photos natural? Is she dressed in a more normal fashion? Is she posed around town doing normal activities?

Think carefully about this before you pursue the wrong girl for you.

Some other tips. Never, never travel to a location to meet only one girl. Perhaps it will turn out well, but the odds are against you. If it doesn’t work out, what will you do then? Naturally you will be disappointed. Perhaps she will as well. Think carefully about it. You are much better off going on a romance or club tour and meeting many girls. The men that I know that have been successful, proceeded in this way. On the other hand I don’t know of any guy that traveled to meet only one girl to be disappointed although I have heard of sad cases.

On another note, AFA is offering many calls recently. Of course there is the regular Monday night call. Bud has started a Tuesday night Latin call. On Wednesday there is a call from Davao in the Philippines, featuring ladies you can speak with. Now there is a similar call from Cebu on Fridays. Also, every other Thursday, Renee Piane, the Love Coach offers advice on behavior, clothes, etc. Take advantage of these as well as Bud’s terrific site, foreignbride101.com. Also attend one of the free seminars listed on loveme.com if you are able.

Of course, the most important effort is yours. Plan to travel to the country of your choice before 2016 ends. You will never be sorry and it is the only way to change your life. I wish you the best.

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