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Success At AFA Social In Ukraine

Often there are questions from men who intend to travel to the Ukraine on a romance tour. What is it like? How should I dress? What can I expect from the many lovely ladies? How should I behave and approach them?

First of all, Ukrainian socials are different from those in the other countries offered by AFA. Think of it as a wedding reception or cocktail party. Everyone is free to mingle and enjoy the evening. You have every opportunity to be successful on your terms. AFA will take care of the details such as food, champagne and entertainment, leaving you to meet and greet as many ladies as possible, but you are responsible for your own happiness.

So let's get down to it. What should you do and what should you expect? The ratio is sure to be very much in your favor. It is typical to experience 8 or more per guy. When I think about it, it would be impossible to encounter such a benefit domestically.

Usually the ladies will seat themselves at a table with their friends. So there will be many tables with several ladies at each. Your advantage is that you can survey the situation. Then ask one of the many translators to help you go to each one and enjoy the company. One tip. If there is a lady or two at the table that has captured your interest, be gracious and spread your attention around to everyone. What you want to do is create a "party". Your translator will help you.

Clearly, it's not in your best interest to spend a lot of time at any one table. Instead you should encounter as many ladies as possible. Remember because the IMBRA regulation is satisfied by AFA, you are free to exchange contact information with anyone who interests you.

About halfway through the evening, the lights and music will come up and many will get up and dance. The choice to join in is yours. Because the ratio is so much in your favor, the women will have no choice but to dance together. Often AFA will provide some entertainment. Your goal should be to have the contact information of as many as possible. One idea. Often couples will go out to a restaurant or a Karaoke bar to continue the fun when the social ends.

Please remember that the attendees go to a lot of trouble to look their best. You should do the same. As the old saying goes, "dress for success". And most important remember, you want have fun and you want the ladies to have fun. Save the more serious questions for a second or third date.

I wish you well.

Bob Wray

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